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Are your market development funds (MDF) being used to generate leads and increase profits? Unless you're seeing the results for every channel's marketing activity, your answer should be, "No." Actually, approximately 48% of available (MDF and co-op) funds go unused. * * co-op-funds/ Gain access to prospect and customer data To truly understand how campaigns perform in different regions, you need access to event attendance, content downloads, email-open rates, and ultimately, purchases. Knowing your audience's personas will help you craft more effective campaigns. Get visibility into results You can't measure what you don't see. Look for a technology that turns raw data into: • Reports and dashboards. View and export the metrics surrounding funds, campaign performance, and channel engagement. • Business intelligence. Capture actionable insights to optimize ROI. Companies that measure their partners' activities outperform companies that use siloed channel strategies. With the right technology, you can bring all channel-marketing data into a central location and automate program tracking. From there, you're on your way to ensuring that MDF programs give back the effort and investment you put in. Measuring your channel activities is imperative to the success of any distributed sales model. To realize ROI, you must first measure performance. But don't depend on partners to provide this data; instead, add a level of business intelligence to your distributed sales model. Invest in state-of-the-art technology Without a closed-loop marketing technology, it's impossible to gather the data needed to measure channel results. Look for a system that includes the functionality for marketing execution, partner engagement, fund management, and lead management. Control your funding Put your money where your marketing is by fully optimizing your investments. With the right technology, you can control how your investments are used. For example, Aprimo Distributed Marketing's Funds Management feature gives you the ability to strategically deploy funds to achieve specific revenue goals. plan. spend. create. distribute. perform. Don't just sit there. Take action. Measure your channel activities.

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