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For data-rich enterprises, it is not practical to load and maintain all customer data in the cloud to support marketing selects and targeting. Aprimo Campaign allows marketers secure, simple, and direct access to their own enterprise data warehouses, marketing data marts, operational data stores, or other sources that are on- premise, hosted, or in the cloud. Aprimo Campaign is an enterprise campaign management SaaS application designed to access and select millions of customers and many millions of transactions across multiple sources wherever the data may sit. Aprimo Campaign enables marketers to manage customer targeting into test and control cells, associate those cells with offers and creative treatments, and then orchestrate distribution across marketing channels and vendors (email, direct mail, digital, SMS, mobile, etc.). Increase Your Marketing Effectiveness • Improve customer targeting based on offline behavior from your rich operational and marketing data sources as well as collected online behavior. • Respond to each customer interaction and change in behavior from your own data sources with targeted campaigns sent directly through the execution channel or vendor of your choice. • Automate the execution of campaigns and triggered marketing campaigns based on changes in behavior over time (trends) for timely, unattended, and constant marketing revenue generations. Improve the Speed and Efficiency of Your Campaign Planning and Execution • Rapidly query customer data using a full-featured enterprise campaign management application. No SQL or coding knowledge necessary. • Improve marketing efficiency with automated and reusable campaigns. Quickly cut, copy, apply, schedule, and execute entire campaigns all the way down to the individual segment or query. • Better manage and track campaign projects and information with the integrated features of Aprimo: Plan & Spend, Offer Management, Marketing Productivity, Production Workflow, and Marketing Calendar. Access your deep, rich marketing data wherever it is located and connect it to the marketing cloud. BENEFITS plan. spend. create. distribute. perform. Aprimo Campaign plan. spend. create. distribute. perform. Cross-Channel Marketing Orchestration Using Your Enterprise Data

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