DAM Business Proposition

July 24, 2017

One of the most significant changes in the marketing landscape over the past two decades has been the growing role of content, particularly rich media content, in effective marketing. Enterprises in virtually all industries are now competing in an “Age of the Customer” where providing outstanding customer experiences is paramount to success.

Because of heightened buyer expectations and the proliferation of digital marketing channels, marketers must develop more content, produce content in more languages for more local cultures, and publish new or updated content more frequently than ever before, while simultaneously maintaining a consistent brand message across all customer touch points.

These developments are placing increased demands on the processes and technologies used to create, manage, and distribute marketing content. Since the early 1990’s, enterprises have used digital asset management (DAM) software applications to manage rich media resources. Aprimo DAM solutions have delivered significant value for many enterprises, but as the content demands facing enterprise marketers have changed, so have the requirements for DAM software. Today, a true enterprise-class Aprimo DAM solution must be the core component of an integrated and optimized system for developing, managing, and publishing rich media resources

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