5 Trending Takeaways from MarTech 2017

May 26, 2017

San Francisco MarTech 2017 was filled with wonderful mayhem… a swirling fusion of sessions, awards, networking, and idea sharing. With so many activities, we wanted to count down the 5 trending takeaways from MarTech.

5. Blending the Art and Science of Marketing

If MarTech pens itself as being at the intersection of marketing and technology, a key trend at MarTech was the intersection of marketing, sales, IT, and finance. Blending the art and science of marketing, if you will. When these parts of an organization work in harmony, trustworthy data can be governed to fuel and account for marketing’s performance… while maintaining the creative innovation that emotionally connects prospects and customers to your brand.

To achieve this harmony, legacy organizational models will be purposefully disrupted and redesigned to deliver unprecedented customer experiences… with the metrics to back it up. What successful marketing operations technologies must do is stop differentiating between being a suite or best-of-breed and focus on being a suite and best-of-breed.

4. Content is the Solution to—and Cause of—all our Problems

At Aprimo’s booth, we spoke to many marketers who all had the same marketing mayhem: content. Creating consistent content. Measuring content performance. Collaborating on content. Using content to successfully generate leads.

Creating engaging customer experiences demands rich content. Content is clearly king… albeit a wily one. But when done right, your brand will have a coherent message with repetitive and solidified statements that are also personalized, compelling, and on time.

What works to deliver this is a best-of-breed, open-suite approach, so you can curate content from ideation through the customer experience.

3. TIE: Growth of the MarTech Landscape and
the Stackie Awards

What we loved about MarTech this year were the Stackie awards, where participating marketers shared their marketing tech stack via a single 16:9 slide. Fifty-seven marketing firms submitted entries, but only six won—one of which was Aprimo, and we’ve got the picture to prove it.

The conference kicked off with The State of Marketing Technology, a keynote by Scott Brinker, MarTech Conference Chair & Editor, chiefmartec.com, and Anand Thaker, CEO & Founder, IntelliPhi.

Brinker summarized the major 2017 trends, such as the practices being adopted by leading companies, the evolution of the martech vendor landscape, and emerging technologies. Just look at 2017’s martech landscape, which now has 5,381 solutions (an almost 40% increase versus last year).

Marketing Technology Landscape 2017

2. AI Infiltrates Marketing

Excited… or terrified? Either way, artificial intelligence (AI) will soon be embedded into your marketing. Its purpose: to achieve more and more predictive systems and content. Marketing will start depending on AI to find the best suitable content, the best suitable audience, and the most preferred channel.

1. Our Personal Trend: Aprimo is back

One memorable MarTech moment for Team Aprimo occurred when a show attendee was so surprised to see our booth, she exclaimed, “Aprimo is still around!?!” Greg Hennessey, Director Product Strategy, Aprimo Campaign, replied, "We never left. We just disappeared for a little while when we became Teradata Marketing Applications.” She announced her love of the brand and the company. We gave her a hug and some swag, and were reminded that the marketers that come into contact with Aprimo have a deep connection to the brand.

Yes, Aprimo is back… and we have added capabilities for digital asset management (DAM) and Distributed Marketing. We combine numerous point solutions into a single, open, and integrated marketing suite that’s available in the cloud. Combined with Aprimo’s 18 years of experience, we have the breadth of features and dynamic functionality that allow us to support marketing organizations with flexibility and scalability.

What were your key takeaways from San Francisco MarTech 2017? Share them in the Comments. And note that the next MarTech event is in Boston from October 2-4, 2017.

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