Aprimo and customers get together at new London offices

July 10, 2017

In June, the international team staged an event to open the new London offices and invited customers, journalists and analysts to come along and meet the Aprimo team, including our new colleagues from ADAM Software who flew over for the day. The event provided a fantastic opportunity to get up close to our marketing operations platform, to experience our briefing centre and to talk informally with Aprimo staff and customers. It was great to see so many customers from across the UK investing their time to come down to the new office and contribute to this event.

The day-long event kicked off in the morning with some product training. To borrow a Woody Allen phrase, this enabled customers to ask everything they ever wanted to know about Aprimo but dared not ask. During this forum, the speed at which marketing technology is advancing was discussed, as well as the benefits of AI to enrich user experiences with valuable data. It was agreed by all that SaaS solutions are the only option for teams that crave continual innovation and that the Aprimo roadmap is feeding that craving. In the afternoon, Jon Williams, Senior Vice President International, headed a team of senior Aprimo and ADAM execs who provided an insight of Aprimo’s product development map and medium-term strategy.

Stellar customer support

The event was very well attended by customers. Companies that sent representatives along included Xerox, Standard Life, Sage, Lloyds Banking Group, Prudential, Delaware Partners, Clydesdale & Yorkshire Bank and YBS Group. One participant throughout the day was Elaine Smith, Marketing Systems Manager at Standard Life. Elaine’s role centres on marketing optimisation within Standard Life and she has helped the company evolve from where marketing was a basic staff intensive operation to where Aprimo automates many marketing operations and creates significant efficiencies.

Elaine saw real value in the day. “I found it really useful,” explains Elaine. “The morning session in particular was useful as we have recently undergone a restructure in our marketing area and it’s a good time to review the workflows with a view to simplifying them. As it was a small and knowledgeable group on the topic, we could get quite technical too. And it’s great to speak to others who are fluent in Aprimo language.”

As customers experienced our Marketing Innovation Lab, you could see ideas being generated through the discussion around how they could leverage further Aprimo capabilities to “really bring marketing together.’’ Jane Risby from Clydesdale & Yorkshire Bank commented “We were expecting a product demonstration, but it’s so much more, it’s a larger than life ‘day in the life of marketing campaign’. I love it! It takes the mystery out of how all the teams across marketing work together from start to finish.”  

The opportunity to meet and spend time with many of our key customers is incredibly valuable to Aprimo and it appeared that that feeling was shared by those who attended. There was a discernible feeling of community at the event. “The Aprimo account managers have always been good at getting us together and even at social events it’s been valuable,” further comments Elaine. “It provides me with the opportunity to bounce ideas off others and also take their ideas where appropriate and develop our approach and use of the system.”   To me it’s clear that the networking and social side to these events is invaluable as it strengthens the bonds and relationships with our customers. Aprimo is not just a supplier to these companies, we are friends working together driving success.

Approaching Aprimo’s first anniversary

Aprimo is fast approaching the first anniversary of its rebirth as an independent customer focussed organisation: the event was an opportunity for Aprimo to take stock of what has been a busy transformative year and look ahead to an exciting future.

For the customers who attended the event, the changes during the past year have all been positive. “In terms of support I like that I’ve seen no disruption as a result of the change,” explained Elaine. “I also like that I’m dealing with the same knowledgeable people that I’ve always dealt with and who know our background too. In terms of moving forward I’m excited about how the system is developing particularly the ADAM side of it.  When we started using the system, most of our assets were PDF/Print items but now we have a whole range of formats and channels so it has become challenging in terms of storage and distribution of these.”

Brian Chaman, Customer Success Director at Aprimo, acknowledges the importance of these longstanding relationships with their customers, ‘’I watched and listened to some of our veteran customers (with 10+ years experience) sharing their experiences with newer customers, giving practical advice on lessons learned and key successes and felt a real sense of pride, loyalty and community, something I have never witnessed at other software companies.”

Based on the feedback from the event, we’re certain to organise further customer events this year. If you would like to know more about how you can join the next one please contact Lorna.Loney@aprimo.com.

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