Aprimo Marketing Productivity is Now Aprimo Productivity Management

December 12, 2018 Ed Breault

After a successful year filled with various product updates and industry recognition for our solutions, I’m excited to announce a new frontier for one of Aprimo’s flagship technologies.

Going forward, Aprimo Marketing Productivity will be known as Aprimo Productivity Management. This name change is the result of a cumulative effort by our entire company to more accurately describe and communicate the business value that this long-standing solution brings to enterprise organizations. The primary driver is that the productivity capabilities of Aprimo are being rapidly adopted outside of the functional area of Marketing and filling a need for broader enterprise collaboration.

The new naming convention not only uniquely positions Aprimo’s extensive platform solution capabilities in the market, but also is a more self-explanatory description of this all-encompassing technology for our customers.

Aprimo Productivity Management has gone by several different names over the years that highlighted its vast capabilities. However, over the past year, we’ve listened to our customers, prospects, and current market trends that point to the need for organizations to utilize and optimize technologies that support customer experience (CX) delivery across various channels and touchpoints.

As Aprimo is always proactively offering solutions and guidance for evolving organizational challenges and needs, we believe this latest name change will more accurately demonstrate how our solution offers various functionalities across enterprise teams to manage all the behind-the-scenes activities involved in creating those experiences.

Aprimo Productivity Management helps them not only meet and exceed the performance expectations that have been charged to their output, project, content, or other deliverable for CX, but also be able to add more value to their processes, which ultimately results in an increased volume of high-quality outcomes.

Aprimo Productivity Management benefits

Aprimo Productivity Management’s SaaS-based platform enables organizations to:

  • Increase speed to market. With a centralized view of all activities, you can get your campaigns and content in market faster to deliver exceptional, agile customer experiences.

  • Improve resource management. Our intelligent workflows, automated task routing, and redistribution of activities enable you to automate and streamline collaboration for your global teams, including your creatives and agencies.

  • Enhance project management. Aprimo Productivity Management offers agile boards, calendars, timelines, and other tools to help enterprise organizations prioritize tasks, and better manage campaigns and content to enable true agile customer experience delivery.

  • Become more data-driven. With advanced Business Intelligence capabilities, KPIs, and other analytics functionalities, our solution ensures your organization has full visibility into the data it needs to make the most informed decisions on activities and spend.

  • Integrate with common solutions. Aprimo Productivity Management easily connects to our solutions, including Aprimo Digital Asset Management, and Aprimo Plan&Spend. It also has connectors for other third-party systems, such as Adobe, SAP, Sitecore, and more, to offer seamless delivery of integrations without the added cost.

Updated content for Aprimo Productivity Management

The intrinsic features and values of Aprimo Productivity Management won’t change as a result of the new name. But customers and industry stakeholders will immediately see content that reflects the rebranding across our website, data sheets, brochures, customer communications and product updates.

For more information on Aprimo Productivity Management, click here.


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Ed Breault

Ed Breault leads a team of marketing strategists and thought leaders who partner with top enterprise brands to navigate complexity, disruption, transformation, and change to the modern marketing organization. During his career, Ed has significantly contributed to the marketing operations business discipline, consulting for more than 100 marketing organizations around the globe and addressing marketing challenges within all industry verticals.

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