CMO Insight Summit: Aprimo fuels marketing’s transformation debate

June 12, 2017

As a company that specialises in marketing operations, you may well ask where does Aprimo look to market its products and services to the right high level audience of decision makers. In May, we participated in the European edition of the CMO Insight Summit at the wonderful Royal Turnberry Hotel in Scotland. The three-day event brought together senior marketing decision-makers and business leaders from across Europe and beyond to discuss current industry challenges, emerging opportunities in marketing – and how best to capitalise. In this blog post, Aprimo’s SVP International, Jon Williams, reviews this highly successful event for the company.

We sent a senior team to this event with Neil Plant, VP International, and Luc Brouwers, Business Development Director, Northern Region joining me in the palatial setting that Royal Turnberry offers.  And we weren’t to be disappointed – what we encountered was a well attended event with many CMO and Head of Strategy level attendees who had been personally invited by the event organisers.

Over two days, we had 14 one-to-one meetings with people that all had on-going marketing transformation projects where they needed support. We found synergy between Aprimo and many of these project requirements, so it was a very worthwhile series of meetings for us. We enjoyed high level engagement with senior level contacts, so our top team enjoyed good access to key decision makers at the right level and at the appropriate time in their marketing transformation projects.

Reinforcing the Aprimo brand

We are approaching the first anniversary of Aprimo’s re-birth and a significant driver for our participation at the CMO Summit was to raise awareness and re-introduce the Aprimo brand. This we successfully achieved.

Alongside the one-to-one meetings, we sponsored the event’s Gala Dinner, which helped raise our profile amongst this highly qualified audience. We also ran a workshop at the summit, looking at the need for marketing agility within today’s digital consumer landscape.

The quality of the conversations was a key factor, the quote from the workshop that sticks out in my mind was that “agile marketing without the processes to support it just leaves a mess!”   We had a number of conversations around speed and how marketing could react at the speed of digital / social these days.

The summit was an excellent vehicle to help us communicate our core message. It focused on key topics such as: taking storytelling to the next level through content creation, distribution and management; defining relevance and building brand strategies for a new world; and making sense of the exploding volumes of marketing data.

“The event gave us the possibility to meet with the right level of senior marketing executives at a fabulous location where every participant enjoyed the various sessions as well as the one-to-one conversations,” explains Luc.  “Participation in similar types of events – not organized by GDS – where not at the same quality level. “

Removed from the real world for intensive meeting schedule

Most certainly, it was an intensive and demanding three-day event but one where our investment in time and effort is paying dividends. From the workshops and collaborative sessions that focused on real challenges and future technology innovations, to one-to-one meetings with industry peers, we were able to offer practical advice tailored to the attendee’s specific needs.

“This event gives unprecedented access to some of the most senior marketing executives in a luxurious setting,” comments Neil. “The intensity and focus needed for all these meetings over just a few days is extraordinary but it is something that could take weeks or months to replicate in the real world.”  

As a result, we have several follow up meetings scheduled in the coming weeks and months leading to what we hope will be a very positive outcome for the attendees (and ourselves, of course). The CMO Insight Summit is just a small part of our on-going communications strategy – if you did not attend Royal Turnberry, but would like an opportunity to discuss your marketing challenge with us one-to-one then please contact at so that we can set up a meeting. 

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