How Aprimo Used Idea Lab to Launch Idea Lab

April 4, 2018 Julie Brown

A Story About How We Used Aprimo Idea Lab to Launch… Idea Lab

Hello, fellow marketers! In my last blog post, I mentioned how I, along with my other team members, used Aprimo’s latest innovation, Idea Lab, to actually help launch the new product itself. That’s right! We used Idea Lab to launch Idea Lab.


A Quick Refresh

Aprimo Idea Lab is a solution to help marketers in the early stages of the ideation and planning processes.

Think of it as a visual canvas for marketers to capture and share ideas among team members. But the cloud-based system also integrates with Aprimo Marketing Productivity to enable marketers to seamlessly bring their finalized ideas to production.


Our Story

As I and a few others at Aprimo started planning the launch of Idea Lab, we had many meetings and took tons of notes throughout the first stages of the launch planning. Then we decided we should schedule some face-to-face time to meet and map out the product launch.

As we were sitting in the conference room together trying to gather and find our notes, which of course were in 50 different places– written on paper, in OneNote, various emails, and even on our cell phones – we spent half the time just trying to find our notes and recap what we had already discussed in previous meetings. All this rehashing was time consuming and frustrating for all.

Then it dawned on us. We really should use Idea Lab to help. (I mean, isn’t that why we built it?) It was definitely a face-palm moment for me.  

So right away, I opened our instance of Idea Lab, and we just started brainstorming. All of a sudden, the launch planning became so simple. Fantastic ideas were bouncing all around, we were setting dates and deadlines for our ideas, tagging others for their thoughts and feedback, and working more collaboratively. The list of benefits goes on and on. 

As we captured ideas, I placed them in the calendar immediately so they could be pushed into our workflow system for seamless creation and execution. More creative blog and webinar concepts came to life and were put into motion.

Our brainstorming meeting that was originally scheduled for three hours took us just one hour to craft nearly 15 different ideas! The chain of lost emails, outdated versions, and wasted time was now gone. Idea Lab helped us better focus on our ultimate goal: Getting this product into the hands of marketers.

In the end, we were able to get Idea Lab to market much more quickly. We saved nearly 25 hours compared to product launches we’ve done in the past.

Now, whenever I have a new project or someone says, “I have an idea,” I stop and open Idea Lab to keep track of all the related ideas. And I’d say it makes my day-to-day much more organized and less chaotic. As we all know, marketing is hectic enough, so let’s try and make our jobs a little easier.

If you want to see Aprimo Idea Lab in action, check out this short video.


About the Author

Julie Brown

Julie Brown is the Product Marketing Director for the Distributed Marketing, Campaign Management, and Plan & Spend solutions at Aprimo. She has over 10 years of marketing experience across industries. Julie came to Aprimo from a cybersecurity startup, Rook Security, where she led the marketing department. Prior to Rook Security, she was a Product Marketer at Salesforce Marketing Cloud for its email marketing solution. Julie is a Certified Product Marketing Manager from the Association of International Product Marketing and Management and received a B.S. in Journalism and Public Relations as well as a minor in Marketing from Bowling Green State University.

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