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November 14, 2017

In conjunction with the recent MarTech conference in Boston, Scott Brinker conducted a survey to gauge how marketing technology is reshaping the organization of the marketing department. In the Marketing Organization in the Age of Martech survey, 59.14% of respondents said they now have a person explicitly in charge of marketing operations.

In the 2017 CMO Survey by SiriusDecisions, marketing planning, analytics, and marketing operations ranked as the top three new roles that surveyed CMO’s said they plan to add to their marketing department. Forty percent of survey respondents said they expect to invest in marketing resource management and business intelligence technology in the next two years.

The findings of these studies provide strong evidence of the growing importance of marketing operations in large enterprises, and of the attention the function is now receiving from marketing leaders.

With the fourth quarter of 2017 now underway, most business and marketing leaders are already planning for 2018. For many marketing leaders, the planning process will include the development of strategies for improving the marketing operations function in their business. So, this is a particularly appropriate time for CMO’s and other marketing leaders to examine the state of their marketing operations function and identify ways to improve its effectiveness and increase its impact.

On November 28, 2017, Aprimo will host a webinar that will explore the key role that marketing operations plays in enterprise growth and marketing productivity. The webinar will be presented by Jeff Clark, Research Director at SiriusDecisions, and Ed Breault, Aprimo’s Vice President of Marketing and Industry Solutions. The live webinar will begin at 1:00 pm EST, and you can register for the webinar here. If it turns out you can’t attend, don’t worry. We’ll send you a link to the webinar recording.

During this webinar, Jeff and Ed will provide an overview of the current state of marketing operations and trace the evolution of the marketing operations function. In many enterprises, the marketing ops function begins as a small ad hoc team formed to manage a special project, and then evolves to take on broader and more strategic responsibilities. Jeff and Ed will also introduce key marketing operations skills and frameworks, and they will provide planning recommendations for CMO’s and marketing ops leaders.

In his presentation, Jeff Clark will discuss the SiriusDecisions Marketing Operations Range of Responsibilities Model, which describes the two fundamental dimensions of the marketing operations function, and he’ll detail the features and functionality of marketing resource management solutions that are essential to enable and support effective marketing operations. Jeff will also lay out a set of high-level guidelines for choosing the right marketing ops technology solutions for your business.

Marketing operations has evolved to become a strategic business function that can drive improved marketing effectiveness and increased marketing productivity. Join us for this informative webinar to get valuable insights about elevating the performance of your marketing operations activities and programs.

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