Marketing Data Geeks Need Love Too

September 6, 2017 Greg Hennessy

After I posted my last blog, someone called me a database marketing geek. I at first felt a little hurt by this. Then I thought… “Yeah, that is me. I should own it!”

Really, I am not the only marketing data geek out there. I am joined by my fellow marketing data analysts, specialists, data scientists, marketing technologists, database marketers, etc. out in the inner cubes of the world. Anyone who pulls a marketing list, creates a model score, adds data to the customer database, defines offer tiers and acceptance criteria, or defines a triggered marketing event is a marketing data geek, and is so crucial for marketing’s success!

There is an under appreciation for these marketing data professionals (switching from geek) and the people maintaining marketing databases. These are the specialists in marketing data just like there are specialists in copywriting, graphic design, public relations, and events. No one would ask the marketing data professional to write ad copy (or a marketing blog for that matter), nor would you ask your public relations professional to pull a marketing list with 50 test cell splits.

Marketing data professionals understand where all the customer data is located, how it models their unique business and their customer relationships, and they own this data. They understand the marketing data in all its detail and richness as well as all its problems. They understand that it takes more than a slider bar with percentages to create a meaningful test. And realize a predictive score is not something you build by adding and subtracting numbers.

We at Aprimo understand this distinction and support not only the marketing managers, channel marketers, and content creators, but also the marketing data professional.

As a marketing data professional, you need a platform that helps you:

  • Find the right customer segments for the new product launch
  • Get the right target list out to the right system or execution channel vendor (e.g. email). Now!
  • Load the predictive score mid segmentation to improve your campaign’s ROI
  • Manage, build, and tag the offer and creative test segment assignments

Please join me, your fellow marketing data geeks, and Aprimo at the DMA &THEN show, Booth #717, Oct 8th and 9th in New Orleans, LA. This is the premier event for marketing data professionals. If you can, stop by our both to see Aprimo Campaign and all our other great products there. If you are not able to come see us at DMA, check out Aprimo Campaign and schedule a demo. 

About the Author

Greg Hennessy

Greg has over 20 years of experience working in the marketing automation software industry in product development, marketing, and consulting roles holding positions at various companies including Aprimo, Acxiom, Alterian, Quaero, IBM, Protagona, and Marketo. He has designed and delivered marketing automation solutions for large enterprises in the financial services, insurance, healthcare, travel and hospitality, high tech, retail, and media and entertainment industries. He is currently Director of Product Strategy for Aprimo Campaign and looks forward to sharing some of his personal insights, best practices and love of marketing automation, especially Aprimo Campaign. Contact Greg at or @gvhennessycrm.

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