On-Demand Webinar: Powering Past Friction to Smarter Marketing

November 1, 2016

Effective marketing organizations – regardless of size – show similar traits: resource efficiencies, organizational alignment on strategy, streamlined front-end operations, agility, and measurable results, to name a few. The degree of effectiveness has a direct correlation to the ability to control speed-to-market and internal/external barriers, or marketing friction. Control that and you have the keys to high-velocity marketing.

Join Ed Breault, Vice President of Industry Marketing Solutions at Aprimo, and Carey Sherrell, Vice President, Strategy & Marketing Operations at SunTrust, for an on-demand Chief Marketer Webinar where they will discuss and provide real-world examples of how to eliminate marketing friction.

Topics covered included:

  • Gaining insight and visibility across the organization on strategy and spend
  • Eliminating marketing waste and opening up resources from people to cost savings
  • Managing rigid marketing processes and goal planning
  • Making the most of your marketing while managing compliance, risk and regulations

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Ed Breault

VP, Industry Marketing Solutions, Aprimo

Ed leads a team of marketing strategists and thought leaders who partner with top enterprise brands to navigate complexity, disruption, transformation and change to the modern marketing organization. During his career Ed has made many significant contributions to the marketing operations business discipline, consulting for more than 100 marketing organizations around the globe, addressing marketing challenges within all industry verticals.


Carey Sherrell, CPM

VP, Strategy & Marketing Operations, SunTrust

Carey is the Vice President of Strategy & Marketing Operations at SunTrust where he has led the strategic direction of direct marketing programs across the organization for the last 6 years. Carey was the Principal at The Onyx Marketing Group, LLC where he led their cross-functional creative event team that executed brand building opportunities based on consumer, technical, and marketplace insights. In 2007, Carey was also a Contestant on The Apprentice LA (Season 6).


Liz Kaufman

Director, Covalent Marketing

A leader in the marketing technology industry, Liz has transformed marketing operations for Fortune 1000 companies to support customer experience innovation for over 15 years. Liz is passionate about making marketers more efficient, which creates more time for them to produce engaging and personalized communications. In order to gain these efficiencies, she applies hard earned best practices across: marketing planning, end to end marketing operations, customer experience, offers, and campaign design.

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