Tech Stack Inspirations from a MarTech 2017 Stackies Winner

May 17, 2017

Passion for tech. Strategic decision making. And the ability to be flexible and play well with others. These qualities are essential characteristics marketing organizations need to create a meaningful and workable technology stack (or tech stack, if you want to save yourself a few syllables).

Clueless as to what a tech stack is? A tech stack is a visual representation of software products that a marketing organization uses in its daily operations.

So, if your marketing organization doesn’t have a tech stack—or needs inspiration to update one that was created back in 2014—last week’s MarTech conference in San Francisco offered plenty of eye candy. And Aprimo humbly accepted one of the six Stackies Awards doled out, out of 57 submissions! (It’s an honor to win with such heavyweights as Cisco and Microsoft.)

Because one of Aprimo’s main benefits is offering complete marketing transparency, we share our Stackies-winning tech stack with you. 

Tech that Works for Us

At Aprimo, we drink our own champagne, which means that our marketing department actually uses Aprimo marketing operations as the center of its universe. (Coincidentally, Universe is one of the many dynamic features of our newly launched Campaign solution. But, I digress.) 

Aprimo Stackie - Martech Tech Stack

But, no advantageous company is an island. One of the beautiful aspects of living in an age where best-in-breed technology abounds is the opportunity to use other innovations to help execute Aprimo’s marketing initiatives. For example, Uberflip enhances our website, ON24 hosts our webinars, and Marketo distributes our emails.

MarTech’s Conference Chair Scott Brinker’s article on perfectly summarizes the meaning behind Aprimo’s tech stack:

Aprimo rendered their marketing stack along two dimensions: (1) a continuous loop of plan, spend, create, distribute, and perform, and (2) concentric circles within that loop of capabilities for marketing operations, content, website, social, demand generation, and data & sales enablement. You can see how each of the marketing technologies they’ve selected (or built!) fit into this architecture. Of course, Aprimo is at the heart of the marketing operations circle, helping to coordinate and manage activities across all the other circles.

Tech that Works for You

At the end of the day, all that matters is whether your tech stack works for your organization. If it helps plan and execute your marketing with efficiency, agility, and velocity—while remaining customer-centric and true to your brand—it’s working. But, there’s always room for improvement. And at Aprimo, this is in our DNA: continuous improvement and continuous innovation.

See ya next year, MarTech! And we can’t wait to see what tech stack your team will create for the 2018 Stackies Awards!

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