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March 21, 2018 Julie Brown

I am extremely excited to share with you Aprimo’s latest innovations for content marketers, those creative minds, and any marketers involved in the content and campaign production processes. All of our day-to-day lives just got easier.

I’ve been a marketer my entire professional life, and the brainstorming process has always been my favorite, but many times, the hardest part. Starting from scratch on a piece of content or campaign can be daunting. And that is why I am eager to announce the two new capabilities we have for content marketers to take advantage of including:

These two new capabilities are part of existing offerings from Aprimo that target creative and content marketing professionals.

  • Collaboration capabilities
  • Content and creative workflows
  • Annotation tools
  • Creative and marketing Calendars
  • Resource planning
  • Digital asset management


Let’s Dive a Little Deeper

First, let’s explore Aprimo Idea Lab. It is an ideation solution to help marketing and creative teams better facilitate and digitize the early stages of the ideation and planning process. Built on the Aprimo platform, Idea Lab is the only ideation solution on the market that connects to best-of-breed marketing work management, marketing budgeting and spend management, and digital asset management solutions.

Aprimo Idea Lab

I like to think of Idea Lab as a “Pinterest for Marketing.” Marketers have a blank canvas to work with and can easily start “pinning” the ideas they have for any creative concept such as a singular asset, a campaign, an event, you name it! Within Idea Lab, marketers have:

  • Idea workspaces to help collect and share early-stage concepts.
  • Dynamic collaboration for teams to ideate together in real time. 
  • Flexible planning capabilities to easily view when and where ideas can be brought to market.
  • Ability to bring finalized ideas into production.
  • Access to a single cloud-based solution to manage the entire content lifecycle at scale.


If Aprimo Idea Lab sparks your interest, don’t hesitate to reach out to schedule a demo!


The Article Editor within Aprimo Digital Asset Management enables content marketing and creative teams to support text-based content in the same place they manage their rich media assets. Marketers and creatives can create and edit publishable marketing copy, either in channel-specific templates or in channel-agnostic formats. Article Editor even supports new types of copy content such as emojis and hashtags, and can support commonly used copy that is used in multiple articles, like copyrights and disclaimers.


By managing copy content in one central place along with digital assets, users can create copy once and repurpose it wherever it is needed. Copy content can then be easily integrated with other MarTech solutions for delivery, like enterprise social solutions, web content management solutions, email marketing, and/or eCommerce platforms.

These new capabilities complement the existing offerings we have at Aprimo to support creative and content marketing teams. These include workflow capabilities, reviews and annotations, marketing calendars, and digital asset management. These existing capabilities pair with the new Aprimo offerings around ideation and copy content to allow creative teams and content marketers to tackle any project coming their way.


And I can say from my experience of using Aprimo, and specifically Idea Lab, my job has gotten easier. Be on the lookout for another blog with a story on how I, along with my co-workers, were able to use Idea Lab to plan our launch of … well, Idea Lab!


Happy Marketing! 

About the Author

Julie Brown

Julie Brown is the Product Marketing Director for the Distributed Marketing, Campaign Management, and Plan & Spend solutions at Aprimo. She has over 10 years of marketing experience across industries. Julie came to Aprimo from a cybersecurity startup, Rook Security, where she led the marketing department. Prior to Rook Security, she was a Product Marketer at Salesforce Marketing Cloud for its email marketing solution. Julie is a Certified Product Marketing Manager from the Association of International Product Marketing and Management and received a B.S. in Journalism and Public Relations as well as a minor in Marketing from Bowling Green State University.

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