Revenew Changes Name to Aprimo Distributed Marketing

January 16, 2017

Revenew, an industry-leading through-channel marketing automation (TCMA) platform, is proud to announce its upcoming name change to Aprimo Distributed Marketing. 

The rebranding is a result of an acquisition and merger, under Marlin Equity Partners, in 2016.

Effective January 24, 2017, customers will notice a transition to the new Aprimo branding within the platform, and will redirect visitors to Customers, vendors and business partners will experience no disruption in the quality of service during this transition.

Revenew has been operating as an Aprimo company since its merger in July of 2016. This transition allows Aprimo to continue to fuel its growth, better support its customers, and signals unity as a company. 

Aprimo Distributed Marketing joins the company’s growing portfolio, which also contains Plan & Spend, Marketing Productivity and Campaign. The combination of solutions creates a differentiated company with the unique ability to serve its customers’ central and channel marketing requirements by providing an end-to-end offering across the entire marketing value chain. 

Aprimo is committed to the success of its customers and their channel and ensures users that they will continue to enjoy top-quality service and that Aprimo will continue to innovate to exceed customer expectations.


Customers with any questions, or in need of assistance, can reach out to their existing points-of-contact, email or call 877-794-8556.

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