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Empower Channel Partners to Generate Their Own Leads

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Empower Channel Partners to Generate Their Own Leads Locality is key to a brand's success. And as your brand's local representatives, channel partners are in prime position to contribute to that success through creating and converting leads into bona fide customers. Yet, channel partners struggle with not only nurturing brand-provided leads, but generating their own. If a brand wants to locally impact the market through its channels, channel partners must take some ownership. But how can a brand motivate its partners to generate their own leads? In short, this is an overhaul of the traditional brand-partner relationship. It will take time. And the right technology. So, although a brand can still provide leads to its partners, it can also start progressing to empower them. Offer a flexible strategy. Offer your partners a well-thought-out inbound-marketing strategy, complete with customizable assets that make it easy for channel partners to co-brand content at every point of their customers' buying journey. If partners can sprinkle their personality into an asset, they're more likely to publicize it. Make it easy. Don't expect partners to be able to launch complicated, integrated marketing campaigns. Give them the power to select, customize, and launch campaigns… all within one marketing platform. Provide support. Partners are not marketing experts, but consumers expect top-notch marketing no matter what. Therefore, make sure you support your partners beyond providing out-of-the-box campaigns. Help them shape their touch points—whether it be website initiatives or a Twitter account —and their loyalty will be your thank you. Use a centralized prospect database that's segmented by market or geography. Give your partners a place to collect, access, and track leads that make sense for their business. Communicate regularly. Regular communication may sound time consuming, but if you activate a through-channel marketing technology (such as Aprimo Distributed Marketing), it happens almost automatically. You can send targeted emails to different partners that describe the value of your content and tools. You can share program news and provide tips and tricks. This communication cycle continuously engages—and motivates—partners. Of course, you'll need the right technology to support these efforts. Aprimo Distributed Marketing helps brands drive more leads through their channel partners in a simplified and scalable way. of marketers say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge.* Local searches lead 50% of mobile visitors to visit stores within one day.* 65% 50% *

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