Empower Channel Partners to Generate Their Own Leads

Wouldn’t it be nice if your channel partners generated their own leads?

Clearly, the days of a brand doing the lion’s share of lead generation doesn’t work. As consumers demand that brands deliver digital-first content across multiple touch points, the traditional approach of through-channel marketing yields minimal returns. A brand that solely pushes content and leads to its channel partners only wastes resources. The overwhelming majority of partners are inactive… not even logging into portals to view the brand-provided materials.

Don’t take this personally. The fact is that most partners lack the skills and time to create and execute marketing strategies. They’re business owners first, and that is a full-time job.

If a brand wants to locally impact the market through its channels, channel partners must take some ownership. But how can a brand engage its partners and motivate them to generate their own leads?

We know just how to do that. This one-page guide shows how some simple actions on your part will leave your partners motivated and empowered to do their part.

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