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Get Your Creative Groove Back eBook

February 21, 2017

Creative teams fall in love with concepts and thoughtfully craft them to fruition. Their talents revolve around creating art that resonates with customers on an unforgettable level. But when these teams spend weeks or months in the abyss of revisions or re-do’s, it’s not only frustrating, but emotionally draining. The teams eventually burn out. Their creative energy is tapped. It’s normal. We’re human.

The result is frustrated talent and wasted effort. Take the senior designer who spends one hour a few times a week collating feedback from various sources—emails, PDFs, and conference calls, for example. He hasn’t even opened InDesign to actually do any editing. Wouldn’t that hour be better served implementing those changes and then finalising other campaign pieces to get them into market?

How can you rise out of this abyss and focus on creating amazing content in an easier—and therefore faster—way? Find out in the Get Your Creative Groove Back ebook. 

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