Turn Chaos into Order with Aprimo Marketing Operations

October 4, 2016

Aprimo brings order to the chaotic world of marketing by streamlining and simplifying marketing operations. Watch the video below to see how Aprimo can help transform inefficient processes, out of date content, bottlenecks, and limited visibility into increased collaboration across teams, a global view of budgets and optimized resource planning and tracking.

Meet Mark, Chief Marketing Officer at Turtle & Roo. He’s preparing for a board presentation to demonstrate how his marketing team helped significantly increase sales and awareness over the last two quarters. Recently, Mark and his team implemented an innovative digital strategy to supplement their traditional campaigns.

Mark realizes that, although sales have increased, he is unable to answer key questions for the board, such as:

  • “What was the return on investment for the backpack campaign?”
  • “Was the unforeseen overage due to inefficient marketing processes?”
  • “Why were outdated materials used in the campaign?”

Mark meets with Debra, the Marketing Finance Manager, to gain a complete view and review the ROI. Debra says getting the ROI will take time—she needs to combine data from multiple tracking sources, and she’s waiting on a project report from the digital team. She mentions that the budget was complicated, because two separate agencies were hired to create that campaign. An inefficient multi-level review process added time and cost to the project.

Next, Mark meets with his marketing manager, Tracey. She reports that her visibility is limited across Turtle & Roo due to managing multiple offices and agencies and available resources. During the backpack campaign, some marketers idly waited for a new project, while others stayed late to complete their part, and the agencies went over budget. Tracey is having trouble managing jobs between every office and available resource. She mentions that the intensified workload prevented the brand and digital teams from keeping up with child-safety regulations. Outdated asset versions were delivered, which didn’t meet regulatory standards.

Mark realizes that he has a problem. He calls Amy from Aprimo for a solution. She illustrates how Aprimo provides a comprehensive marketing activities view, allowing marketers easy spending analysis and budget cost reduction. This reduces process inefficiencies and supports delivery of a consistent customer experience.

Mark chooses to implement Aprimo at Turtle & Roo. Immediately, the teams begin to effectively collaborate.

Debra now has a global view of budgets and planning, allowing her to compare total program spend with campaign results. She can easily reallocate budget funds from poor performing areas into more productive areas. Debra uses Aprimo to see real-time spend data tied directly to production efforts. This marketing agility keeps campaigns in budget and allows them to adapt to the evolving needs of customers.

Tracey gets immediate relief for resource planning and tracking. She now has a single integrated calendar for reporting between teams, strategy, and planning through execution. This makes the team more agile — no more bottlenecks through the entire marketing process. Additionally, Aprimo provides a system of record on all projects. With this information, Tracey can easily prove reviews have been performed, quickly responding to any audit requests from regulatory agencies.

Nathan, the Marketing Communications Manager, now has a collaborative group annotation system for multi-team review projects. He also has more efficient access to the latest creative assets and is immediately informed of any updates. His current campaigns reliably access the latest versions, so he’s confident that he uses the right document every time.

Mark has real-time access to easy-to-read reports and metrics from campaign execution back to the budgeting and planning phases. Additionally, the Executive Dashboard allows Mark to demonstrate how his team’s efforts contribute to Turtle & Roo’s bottom line while improving processes.

From the transparent vantage point offered by Aprimo, Turtle & Roo achieved marketing agility that allows the company to adapt to customer demands and market trends with ease, driving revenue, increasing market share, and improving the customer experience.

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